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About Joy Unlimited

Joy Unlimited is a Christian bookstore that is now in it's 46th year of business; and while times, people and products have changed, our mission has not. We are still here to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, through the offering of Christian products both for personal growth, as well as for out-reach. Something else that hasn't changed for us is our commitment to our customers - customer service is still our top priority. What you will see on this website is only a very small sampling of what we carry in the store; so if you live, work or are visiting in the DC area, it would definitely be worth your time to stop by and see the store. We are on the corner of University Drive and Main Street, right in the heart of historic downtown Fairfax. If you are driving, we have a large parking lot, or if you prefer public transportation, both the Cue and Metro buses stop right next to the building.

 10400 Main Street
 Fairfax, VA 22030
 Hours: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon. - Sat.
 (703) 385-9125

  Visit us on Facebook and "Like" if you'd like to follow us. //www.facebook.com/pages/Joy-Unlimited
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